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Lance Morrison Lance was born in Corpus Christi, which is latin for "body of Christ". Let the symbolic significance of that sink in for a minute before the reader continues...

...okay. The Morrison household was a notably non-musical one. Savor the irony like a butterscotch candy cradled on the tongue.

Forward ahead to Christmas 1997, where flush with his success as a studio bassist for the likes of Alanis Morissette, Rod Stewart, and Simple Minds, Lance travels from LA to Austin to visit relatives for the holidays. He pilgrimages to his hometown to measure the distance he has travelled since the cradle, reckoning both in miles and in artistry. But the city of his birth has a rude homecoming in store: for there, overlooking the T- and L-heads, on the spot where the child Lance used to fish in the waters of the Corpus Christi bay, now stands... a statue of Selena! Talk about a kick in the teeth! Not to alienate any tejano fans, but I mean, wasn't that movie with Jennifer Lopez good enough? Lance has to this day proudly left unspoken his bitter and all-consuming jealousy, and he would be the first to congratulate the singer on her tribute. But though he would never publically state the obvious, it must be noted that Lance has never once stooped to the level of assassinating a celebrity/being assasinated as a celebrity to gain notoriety. Believe me, especially after seeing that statue there mocking me - him, Lance thought long and hard about hiring an obsessed fan to be his personal assistant, but he didn't. And in the next few years, he played bass on albums for Don Henley, Rick Springfield, New Radicals, and many others. Click here for a selected discography.

In 2001, Lance released his debut album on Megalopolis Records, Einstein's Brain. Most critics have noted the influences of The Beatles, Weezer, Ben Folds Five, and other popular musical acts that Lance hopes the fans of will buy his CD out of curiosity. But the really discerning ear will note the tejano influence, because after all, you can take the man out Corpus Christi, but you can't take the Corpus Christi out of the man.

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