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Geoff Raines told me to play the bass. That's the truth, as I remember it. If you have any beef, or if your sensibilities are offended, take it up with him.
My fave basses. Like anyone cares.
Go look and see if they're talking about me over there. If Don asks, I'll say I never saw you before in my life.
I like Rick.
Click on the link, then go immediately to the links page on Jamnation's website, click on my homepage link there, then click on my links icon to return here. Time yourself, and compare your best score with your friends! Every month a prize will be awarded to the fastest "web-whizzer"!
I'm trying to make amends to any Selena fan that might have stumbled upon this site; oh well, please remember it's the thought that counts.
Lance said it was OK for me to write my own blurb, I'm Joel, I designed this website for him (and perhaps for you, too, hmmm?), I also play bass (, but no rich rock star ever asked if it was OK to pay me lots of money and tour the world with them, which I suppose is reason enough to hate Lance, but life's too short.

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