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Einstein's Brain
Einstein's Brain Get an earfull of these tracks from Lance Morrison's Megalopolis Records debut CD, Einstein's Brain:
  1. Einstein's Brain preview
  2. Since I Walked on the Moon preview
  3. You're Doin' Somethin' Wrong preview
  4. New Computer preview
  5. Jessica with Blue Eyes preview
  6. Get Outside preview
  7. Short Affection Span preview
  8. Stuck preview
  9. What Am I Supposed to Do? preview
  10. Suggestion Box preview
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Of course, all you audiofiles will want the pristine audio quality that only a small run of 1000 CD's from a local CD manufacturing house gives you. So secure your copy today here. The CD includes every song in its entire running time, as well as pictures and typing stuff that doesn't just grow on trees!

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