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Dateline: September 2001

Lance Morrison has changed his name to L Mo (pronounced el-mo). The artist believes this new moniker better reflects his hip and youth culture-oriented image.

L Mo has a busy month scheduled of watching paint dry and picking up the receiver every two/three minutes just to make sure he still has phone service.

Dateline: August 2001

"Einstein's Brain", the latest CD from Lance Morrison, is now the largest selling CD in the history of Megalopolis Records, a benchmark it reached on the first day of its release! Jolly good show, Lance!

Lance has started humming melodies that may turn into ideas that could form the basis for demos of songs for a follow-up to "Einstein's Brain". "Even at this stage, it's apparent that my songwriting skills have have taken a great leap forward," enthused the artist. "I wish there was a way people could hook right into my brain and hear the shit I'm coming up with right now!" Lance contends that his sophomore (sophomoric?) effort for Megalopolis will surpass his debut CD, both artistically and commercially, "especially if scientists come up with some fucked-up, Star Trek thingy where the music I'm thinking of in my head goes right into a computer and you can download it just like that Napster crap so that I don't have to dick with trying to mix the tunes like always: that sucks!" No release date has been set yet.

Dateline: July 2001

Lance's debut CD on Megalopolis Records, Einstein's Brain, is available now! Secure your copy today, while supplies last!

Lance will be playing bass for Rick Springfield this Fall on selected dates. If Rick comes to your town, drop by and say hello.

Don Henley personally confided in Lance that he might do another leg of his successful Inside Job tour after he finishes up with The Eagles this summer in Europe. It would be doubtful that he could manage such a feat without Lance, so keep an eye out.

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